There’s Something for Every Ear

“I’m a purple person.”  “I prefer basic black.”  “I like to wear bold colors.”  People have distinctive tastes and preferences when it comes to clothing or accessories.  These preferences are personal, similar to that of radio listening, and similarly, music choice.

A researcher at Heriot-Watt University in the U.K. studied over 36,000 participants’ ratings of 104 music styles and found a direct correlation to their personalities.  The study showed that heavy metal music fans are normally calm and comfortable around others, while classical music lovers are often shy and creative.  Hard-working and outgoing would be words to describe pop and country music listeners.   The relationship between radio and the listener has always been an emotional one but what they listen to is not just personal, it is an extension of who they are.

There are over 11,000 commercial radio stations broadcasting today — various music formats like CHR, Urban, and Classical, to News, Talk, Sports and more.  With all of these stations and formats, you can learn so much more about the radio listener than just their personality.  Using GfK MRI data, you can find out which type of radio listener is more likely to remodel their bathroom, buy a new car, have a child going to college, or perhaps about to get engaged or married.*

Here are some small insights into Adult 18+ listeners of various formats:

  • All News – 23% more likely to have a child graduate from college
  • Classic Hits – 39% more likely to remodel their bathroom
  • Gospel – 32% more likely to take a cruise
  • Hispanic – 79% more likely to buy or lease a van/min-van
  • All Sports – 36% more likely to take out a home equity loan/second mortgage

Also, according to Edison Research’s presentation “Country Goes Mobile 2017,” did you know that when it comes to country radio listeners:

  • 14% said that it was a radio ad that influenced their decision to try a restaurant or bar for the first time
  • 11% attributed radio advertising as the reason for trying a new product or service.

Radio also delivers consumers ages 18 and older, reaching:

  • 93% of African-Americans who spend $200+ weekly on groceries
  • 93% who plan on buying a smart TV within the next year
  • 95% of Hispanics who have used an accountant in the past year

When it comes to the ever-elusive millennial, radio overall becomes more important to them and reaches them throughout the various stages of their lives according to Nielsen research, specifically:

  • 90% of dependent adults (still living at home)
  • 89% who are living on their own
  • 92% who are starting a family

So if you are trying to reach soon-to-be-empty-nesters, restaurant goers, vacationers or someone about to become a parent, radio can get the message to them.  With so many radio stations of varying formats, there are so many ways to reach your target audience.  If you want to know more about radio’s ability to reach your specific target audience, go to Why Radio or just Ask RAB and we will be more than happy to help you.



*within the next 12 months


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