Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Jake Esposito at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3

Almost two years ago, one of Erica’s grandsons (OK, not her biological grandson, but truly a grandson in heart and spirit) said he wanted to attend E3 which happens every year in Los Angeles. First, she had to admit she had no idea what it was. When she investigated, however, she discovered one must be 17 to attend. Fast forward to this past week —  you guessed it — Erica attended E3 for the first time.

In this edition, Erica speaks with Jake Esposito, her 17-year-old “grandson” who lives in Mt. Prospect, Illinois. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, is the world’s premiere event for computers, video games and products. It is attended by over 65,000 industry representatives and gaming enthusaists from over 100 countries. It was an incredible experience for Jake and a learning experience that opened Erica’s mind to a whole new world of possibilities.


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