Radio – Part of the Local Community

Multi Ethnic People Holding The Word Community

Radio, the top reach medium, provides news, traffic, music to the over 247 million listeners every week.  Radio delivers content that listeners want wherever and whenever they want it, but radio is also more than that.  Radio is part of the community.

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Scale. Storyteller. Relationships.

"Digital portable clock radio with red illuminated lcd display. Radio has a wooden body, metallic buttons and antenna. Isolated on white background."

These are the words that have been used to describe radio by some of the most widely recognized national brands and large advertising agencies.  During the 40th Annual Fall Broadcast Management Conference and the 16th Annual Power of Urban Radio Forum, speakers and panelists discussed radio’s strengths, future as well as what radio can do to help advertisers address their challenges.

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Radio Connects and Colors

technology and lifestyle concept: Hipster with beard and checked shirt holding a smartphone with radio app on the screen

Over 247 million people tune in to radio every week.  Their reason for tune-in varies; it may be to find out about the weather or to get traffic and transit updates.  Whatever the reason, they all have one thing in common – they listen because of the connection they have with the radio station and the personalities on that station.  During Advertising Week, radio’s ability to “provide a personal connection with listeners that no one else does” and “color a blank canvas” for sports fans was discussed during two separate sessions: “Let Us Entertain You” and “Huddle Up – Radio Sets the Score,” each moderated by RAB president and CEO Erica Farber.

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Personality Makes a Difference

radio station microphone close up

Radio station personalities are arguably the single most important differentiator for radio.

These talented individuals introduce people to favorite and new music. They share current, local and national news, play-by-play sports reporting and coverage, and updates about weather and traffic in the cities they live in. They convey the information that their listeners seek (even if they don’t know they are seeking it) in a very personal and relevant way.

These are the people that make you laugh, make you cry and have the ability to provoke 6-8 emotions in less than 3 minutes. They know their audiences. They REALLY know their audiences and they know how to have a dialogue with them. Many of these individuals share their own lives and the listener is instantaneously connected — feeling like they are part of the conversation.

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