Radio on Main Street Podcast featuring LifeLock


In this episode of Radio on Main Street, Erica Farber interviews a marketer who is achieving great success with radio.   At this year’s Radio Show, LifeLock was the headliner at the Advertiser Breakfast and on this podcast we continue the dialogue with Lina Calia, Vice President of Paid Media for LifeLock and Kathryn Kercher, Radio Consultant for LifeLock.  We’ll take a deeper dive into LifeLock’s business and learn more about how they partner with national and local radio to drive awareness, build trust and most importantly bring in new LifeLock members.  You will learn how they go to market, what they look for, the role various platforms play, how they measure success and how radio is driving business.

Radio on Main Street Podcast featuring Hartley Adkins, iHeartMedia

In this episode of Radio on Main Street, RAB President and CEO Erica Farber talks with Hartley Adkins, President of the North East Division and Corporate Operations, iHeartMedia.  We’ll learn how he got his start in Radio, talk about his strategies for selecting great talent, share success stories and more.