Personality Makes a Difference

radio station microphone close up

Radio station personalities are arguably the single most important differentiator for radio.

These talented individuals introduce people to favorite and new music. They share current, local and national news, play-by-play sports reporting and coverage, and updates about weather and traffic in the cities they live in. They convey the information that their listeners seek (even if they don’t know they are seeking it) in a very personal and relevant way.

These are the people that make you laugh, make you cry and have the ability to provoke 6-8 emotions in less than 3 minutes. They know their audiences. They REALLY know their audiences and they know how to have a dialogue with them. Many of these individuals share their own lives and the listener is instantaneously connected — feeling like they are part of the conversation.

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Radio Matters to Millennials … A Lot


You can’t tune in to radio, watch TV, read a newspaper or click on the internet without hearing a piece or seeing an article about Millennials, and here is another one! The reason we are so focused on Millennials (now the largest generation in terms of numbers) is because they have a different way of experiencing life. They were the first generation to be born and raised in our modern digital world. They not only rely on social media and apps for leisure and convenience, but they are trendsetters and influencers who are set to break records in terms of consumer spending (Accenture has predicted that by 2020, the Millennial generation will annually spend $1.4 trillion in the U.S. alone). As such, Millennials play a pivotal role in the success of just about everything – brands, advertising, media, etc., proving that younger consumers need to be heard, but do they listen?

Yes! They listen to what matters to them.

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Radio Impact Reports


We are the RAB, the trade association for America’s broadcast radio industry, the #1 reach medium. We have created this Radio Impact Reports blog site to share current news, information and insights about broadcast radio while using this social space to encourage an open dialogue with broadcasters, advertisers, agencies and even listeners.

On a regular basis, you can expect to hear from RAB’s president and CEO Erica Farber and the rest of the team including business development, insights, marketing and professional development experts.

Topics will range from research and insights

One thing is for certain – our focus will be on continued growth and innovations taking place, ensuring radio’s bright and exciting future.

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