Women – The Importance
of Communication

Everyone you know has a woman who has been influential in their life.  As people, we understand the important role that our mothers, aunts, sisters, and friends have played.  As women break through glass ceilings and help pave the way for others, the advertising industry has already recognized the important role that women play.  Radio, however, has always communicated to women and with women – from local radio personalities to nationally syndicated program hosts.

According to a survey published by SheSpeaks, women’s trust in news has declined for various reasons – bias, lack of fact checking, focus on money vs. truth.  Local news channels were the only news sources that are trusted by at least half of women that participated in the survey.  Within the survey, women ranked what categories they trusted most.  The top three were: not-for profit, packaged goods and pet care and beauty/personal care (tied for third place).  It’s interesting to note that all of these categories revolved around the end-product caring for others as well as themselves.   Radio does all of these things.

Radio reaches nearly 114 million women ages eighteen and over every week – with almost 13 hours tuned in.  Radio stations deliver the local news, weather, traffic within to all of their listeners.  Radio personalities have helped to raise funds for local charities as well as share their experiences with different products and brands.  Radio has always shared information and has always recognized the important role it plays in the community and with its listeners.  Ask any radio personality what is most important to them and, without hesitation, they will say it is maintaining that relationship and trust that they have with their listeners — as heard here.

The unique connection that radio has with its listeners is an emotional one.  According to a survey by Alan Burns & Associates, 76% of women consider their radio station like a friend or even a best friend.  In addition, they felt that the people at their favorite radio station understand them more than their significant other.  The reasons for them listening to radio?  To enhance their mood, for entertainment, to find out what’s going on and sometimes just to make them laugh.  In fact, according to this same survey, women love their favorite radio station.

 It is important to understand the categories that women trust and learn from them.  It may be more important to understand the media they trust.  Radio delivers it all – it is like a friend, someone to communicate with, and most importantly, trust.


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