Don’t Take Radio for Granted

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Broadcast radio has many strengths.  It’s live and local.  You can tune in to hear your favorite songs, get the latest weather and traffic updates.  Maybe you turn it on just to keep you company or hear the play-by-play of the game. But radio also has other strengths that are often taken for granted, and even sometimes, overlooked.

Radio reaches everyone. We all know the stats, don’t we?  Radio reaches over 247 million people every week – that’s 91% of the U.S. population over the age of 12.  On average, adults listen more than 13 hours in a week and an average of over 5 days per week according to Nielsen data.

Given all the media options available today, radio still rules.  Radio is the top reach medium.  It reaches more people than TV, TV-connected devices, smartphones and tablets.  And when it comes to in-car, radio is what people turn to most.  While in-car listeners may occasionally use other audio options, like streaming services, CD players and Satellite radio, broadcast radio is still what they turn to most.

Radio drives results.  It’s the medium that is closest to the point of purchase.  Consumers listen to it in their cars on the way to and from work, throughout their workday and on weekends – on traditional devices, on smartphones and tablets.  And broadcast radio can deliver a return on an advertiser’s ad spending.  It can even influence the amount a consumer spends.  In case after case, among a diverse list of ad categories, radio ads delivered a “payback for every $1 spent.”  In fact, broadcast radio delivered up to a $17 return for every $1 spent in advertising.  As an example, four department store brands scored an average 17-to-1 return on ad spend, and exposure to radio ads increased sales by 10%.  In the case of quick-serve restaurants, those that used radio experienced a 6% increase in the number of consumers that walked through their doors.

Radio reaches everyone.  It can impact an advertiser’s sales.  It can influence what a consumer does.  Sometimes we all need a little help remembering these things and not take them for granted.  Here’s an easy chart to help you, and of course, don’t take radio’s strengths for granted.




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