2017 – It’s Been An Incredible Year

It’s incredible to believe that 2017 is coming to a close.  The year just seemed to fly by.

There were so many events that took place around the world this past year and many of these events left a mark in the world of pop culture.  Similar to events that shaped pop culture, there were events that shaped and influenced how radio is perceived. Continue reading “2017 – It’s Been An Incredible Year”

Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Caroline Kraddick, CEO of Kidd’s Kids

In this edition, Erica Farber, President and CEO of the RAB speaks with Caroline Kraddick, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Kidd’s Kids.  Caroline is the daughter of the well-known radio personality Kidd Kraddick who died suddenly in July of 2013.

In addition to hosting a number one-morning show based in Dallas, Kidd was also the founder of Kidd’s Kids whose mission is to provide hope and happiness by creating beautiful memorials for families of children with life altering conditions.  In this podcast they discuss how Caroline is keeping her Dad’s vision alive and thriving and how you can help support the mission.

Dining During the Holidays

By now, the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping is reaching a crescendo for many of us.  With aching backs and feet from all the window shopping for ideas to shopping in-store, there is nothing better than sitting down for a good meal.

There are numerous dining options for consumers – from quick-serve to fast casual to sit-down restaurants.  With all of these options, enticing their taste buds can be a difficult challenge.  How do you reach consumers that are on-the-go or right before they are about to shop?  With radio, of course.

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Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Dan Mason, Chairperson of the
Broadcasters Foundation of America

In this edition of the Radio on Main Street,  Erica Farber, President & CEO of the RAB, speaks with the Chairperson of the Broadcasters Foundation of America –  Dan Mason.

As a former CBS Radio President & CEO Dan is one busy guy.  In addition to his work with the Broadcasters Foundation he is a senior advisor for Broadcast Relations for iHeartmedia.  He is also a play-by-play basketball announcer at Coppin State University and is a co-host and analyst for the Horse Racing Radio Network.  As the year is coming to a close Dan shares his thoughts on the importance of supporting the Broadcasters Foundation plus he shares his advice for all broadcasters for the coming year.

Is Radio Ready for 2018’s Political Advertising Bonanza?

Today’s blog post is courtesy of Gordon Borrell, CEO, Borrell Associates

A radio owner yawned the other day when I told him about the record year ahead for political advertising — $8.5 billion in all, and all headed for local markets. “We have music stations,” he said… “Political isn’t really something we pursue.”

I’m sure people who listen to music are also voters. And I’m pretty sure that, in a world where big bucks are being thrown at persuasion marketing, radio’s personal connection with listeners makes it perhaps the most persuasive medium.

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Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Matt Bailey, President of
Integr8 Research

In this edition of Radio on Main Street, Erica Farber, President and CEO of the RAB speaks with Matt Bailey, President of Integr8 Research. Matt’s company works with broadcasters to help them determine what music is most popular with their listeners and how to keep them tuning in.

With new devices and listening options available to consume audio, they discuss a recent project addressing AI devices and AM/FM listening.

Radio Can Help With What Ails You

The passing of Black Friday and Cyber Monday marks the advent of all things holiday – songs, shopping, gift giving, visiting, entertaining and stress. Yes, holiday stress syndrome is a real thing.

The stress of the holiday season can cause people to get sick with a cold, virus or just feeling run down. According to a recent article on MSN, more people go to the emergency room during the holidays than any other time of the year. With all of the running around that traditionally occurs during this season, consumers will find themselves under the weather — leading to visits to their local doctor.

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