Dynamic and Interactive

That’s what radio is – dynamic and interactive.  So shouldn’t a website dedicated to providing all of the stats, data, research and information about radio be that way too?  Introducing the new dynamic and interactive Why Radio micro-site — an easier to navigate, extensive radio marketing and research guide.

OK, so this blog is supposed to be about sharing information and not filled with commercials according to the rules of blogging.  Well, rules were made to be broken, weren’t they?

All kidding aside, this blog post is always written with you, the reader, in mind.  If you subscribe to this blog, then radio is:

  • Important to you
  • An advertising medium you are considering
  • Something you want to know more about
  • A medium you currently use but know that there is more to tap into

If any of these is the reason that you read this blog, then you’ll want to know that our just released, dynamic, interactive and all-new Why Radio has the answers to all things radio, and it is now available.  Why Radio — The Ultimate Guide.

The new Why Radio site no longer uses static one-sheets but rather is based on an interactive platform that allows you to select the information you are looking for, and just like that the answer appears.  Voila!

With this site you can now automatically share, tweet or post directly into all of your social networks, keeping your friends, family and, of course, potential customers, up to date on radio’s incredible reach and ability to connect with listeners daily.

Dynamic and interactive – descriptions of radio as well as our relaunched Why Radio site.  Why Radio is also available within  Why Radio — The Ultimate Guide.


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