Radio on Main Street featuring Paul Suchman, Chief Marketing Officer, Audacy, in Conversation with RAB’s Tammy Greenberg

Radio was well-represented at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference, where brands and marketing partners converge for four days to network, learn and grow.

Audacy was on site hosting marketers in their branded lounge where attendees could relax, unwind and talk about the power of audio in a comfortable setting.

Tammy Greenberg sat down with Paul Suchman, Chief Marketing Officer for Audacy and had a conversation that reinforces all that is so powerful about our great medium, with science to back it up.

In the tenth episode of the Radio on Main Street ANA Masters series, Paul’s insights offer an important reminder that radio travels with listeners wherever they are, consumers are leaning into audio more than ever before and that is because it is woven into their daily rituals, and for many, audio IS their daily ritual.  

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