Radio On Main Street featuring Equity Project for All’s Raquelle Zuzarte

In episode number seven of Radio on Main Street at the ANA Masters of Marketing, RAB’s Dave Casper chats with Raquelle Zuzarte, founder and chief marketing officer of Equity Project for All, who recently published an article to WARC entitled “What’s AI got to do with it?” In this piece, Raquelle shares that AI is technology that drives human progress and introduces us to a new way of practically looking at it for business and marketing application, introducing us to AIHI, which stands for Artificial Intelligence for Human Ingenuity.

AI is technology that helps humans to imagine more, aim higher and do better, and Raquelle simplifies a sometimes scary and confusing technology and offers us invaluable advice. Have a listen to her advice on the podcast and follow up with her article as well.

As a new feature, we are now including a video version of this interview on YouTube. Click here to watch.

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