Radio Rules the Road

“It’s Saturday night, about time to go.  Got my white leather jacket and a neon soul.  Once I turn on the radio I’m ready to roll.”  Those lyrics from Maren Morris’ “80s Mercedes” resonate with everyone.  Who doesn’t know that feeling of getting in the car, turning the radio on and listening to your favorite songs?

Radio has a strong and important history in the dash even as new options became available.  (Even Esurance posted a blog about it.)  With those other options, radio continued as an entertainment and information source for the drivers and passengers within those vehicles.  With the average consumer spending nearly 42 hours per year in traffic during peak hours, radio serves as the perfect companion.

Recently released studies have highlighted radio’s use or availability in consumer vehicles.  Whether the study was on a particular demo or gender, and even in national research data, radio is still used and tuned-into.

According to “What Women Want 2017,“ women of various ages listen to radio most often when in the car – more than other audio options.  Even among those women who have a connected vehicle, they spend more time listening to radio versus any other audio option.  Even among a much broader group of respondents, radio is still the most often-used medium in consumers’ primary car.  According to “The Infinite Dial 2017,” 57% of respondents state that AM/FM radio is what they listen to most in-car versus satellite radio or even their own music collection.  That shouldn’t be a surprise considering 82% of A18+ who have driven or ridden in a car the past month have ever listened to radio in their primary vehicle.

Radio still rules the road.  Regardless of age, sex, race or lifestyle, people tune in to radio in their cars.


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