Radio. No Secrets Here.

During the recent Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) 2017 Media Conference, Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at P & G, challenged CMOs to demand transparency from their digital media partners by eliminating ad fraud and making sure that the ad purchased actually reaches the intended  consumer.  Little to no audited proof of ad delivery should be considered unacceptable.

More recently, numerous advertisers in both Europe and the U.S. have decided to no longer advertise on particular alphabet websites due to their ads running alongside questionable and offensive content as noted in Forbes and various ad blogs.  While these platforms were once revered and seen as the new shiny object where advertisers of all sizes believed their product should be displayed, they have now become tarnished.

Radio delivers.  Radio delivers a specific and measured target audience without the need of a veil to hide behind.  Advertisers have the ability to choose, or not choose, the programming and content to serve as the environment where they want their ads to run.  Radio stations and the personalities on those stations work hard to develop a relationship – based on trust – with their advertising and marketing partners.  This trust also extends well beyond the business of advertising to the emotional connection that exists between the listener and the radio station and personalities on those stations.

Remember, when looking for an ad platform to deliver messaging to consumers, the shiny object may blind you for a short time, but radio delivers a clear and unobstructed path to your next customer.


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