Radio Ties It All Together

Local radio stations are a reflection of the community – the events and the personality of the town or city they communicate and engage with daily.  On July 10th, Chicago radio stations joined as a community to simultaneously broadcast an interview with the Founder, President and CEO of Wintrust Financial Corporation — a bank holding company headquartered in Chicago.

In all, 40 stations in the Chicago area simultaneously aired a :60 second interview with Ed Wehmer, Founder, President and CEO.  During this interview, Wehmer shared his views on radio’s effectiveness.

As the second largest bank holding company located in the Chicago area, Wehmer emphasized the importance of connecting with the local community and ability to drive awareness.   Airing on formats ranging from music to news, sports and Spanish language, the Radio Broadcasters of Chicagoland (RBC) united to recognize Wintrust’s appreciation of radio to drive local connection as only radio can.  “Radio ties it all together for Wintrust and is the most important asset on the media side to achieve brand awareness,” stated Wehmer.  Click below to listen to the audio.

Here’s the video:

Part of an ongoing initiative by Chicago radio stations, this is the second event of Chicago Radio Drives Real Results.  First introduced in 2016 with a 30-minute live conversation with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a Chicago Radio Town Hall Meeting broadcast across 47 local radio stations, this is the second event to take place.

Dennis Lyle, president and CEO of the Illinois Broadcasters Association (IBA), believes that the power of local broadcast radio can only be spoken best by local radio stations.  “Local broadcast radio is undeniably one of the most powerful and effective advertising vehicles available to advertisers.”

The next time someone doubts radio’s ability to connect and engage with the local community, remember to tell them that “radio ties it all together.”


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