“School’s Out For Summer”

Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB

“School’s out forever!”  Who doesn’t love that song by Alice Cooper.  No matter the generation, it’s a lyric everyone knows. We know it’s July but guess what?  School isn’t really out forever.  August is National Back-to-School month.

According to the National Retail Federation, 55% of Back-to-School (BTS) shoppers plan their shopping around the big sales events of July 4th, Amazon Prime Day and, of course, Labor Day.  It’s no wonder that shoppers spend more on BTS (regardless of school level) than what they spend on Mother’s, Father’s and Valentine’s Days in total.

Reaching these shoppers is important and radio can help.  Radio reaches parents of school-aged children:

  • 81% with children 6-9 years of age
  • 83% with children 10-11 years of age
  • 82% with children 12-17 years of age
  • 80% with a child who will go away to college

Adults who have children and listen to radio are an important audience for any retailer who is trying to reach BTS shoppers.  Here’s why:

    • Adults with children 6-17 years old are:
      • 129% more likely to spend over $400 on children’s clothing
      • 79% more likely to spend $75-$149 on baseball or softball shoes
      • 44% more likely to buy a backpack
      • 25% more likely to spend $2,000-$2,999 on children’s clothing
    • Adults with a child who will go away to college are:
        • 88% more likely to purchase a large flat screen/HDTV
        • 62% more likely to spend $2,000-$2,999 on clothing
        • 60% more likely to purchase a laptop
        • 46% more likely to purchase a smartphone

Radio is the perfect medium to reach these busy adults. School really isn’t out forever – BTS sales will remind them of that but “school’s out till fall.”

There are so many songs about school and the memories that they bring. Let us know about some of your favorites.  We’d love to hear from you. 


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