Vital Help In Times of Need

Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB

“Tough times never last, tough people do.” Dr. Robert H. Schuller

There is no doubt that we are all experiencing a difficult and stressful time. Natural disasters and current events have everyone unsettled. Staying up to date on local news is important – whether you are impacted by the events or not.

As written about before, there are numerous communities that no longer have local newspapers to learn about current events in their communities. These communities are more dependent than ever on radio to serve and inform them. For local advertisers in these communities, radio serves as a haven for ad placement – far from objectionable ads or fake news.

After the recent natural disaster in Nashville, local radio stations were serving their community – providing traffic reports, directions on where to go for help and areas to avoid. In the aftermath, radio stations did one of the many things they do best – raise funds and goods for those in need.

As news comes out about the spread of the coronavirus, and the shift to global pandemic status, radio stations across the country went into action. Radio stations are providing news updates on air and are sharing important information across all their platforms – via streams, digital, mobile, social media and station websites.

Most importantly, the radio stations and the personalities on those stations are delivering this information are trusted by the listeners who are tuning in. There’s no doubt that listening to the news can be scary, but the connection that listeners have with radio stations and the personalities on those stations provide both comfort and companionship. Of those adults in the U.S. who believe that radio keeps them informed or up to date, 78% are broadcast radio listeners. Also, of those adults that state that radio is trusted most, 81% are radio listeners, according to Gfk MRI data.

People know that radio is there. Media consumption is on the rise, but so is the use of radio as a source for information on the coronavirus outbreak. Based on interviews of over 11,000 people ages 16-54 conducted by NuVoodoo, radio consumption is on the rise, with 27% of respondents stating that they are using radio more since the outbreak, and 37% use radio for information in their local area.

Radio is part of the local community. It helps the community and, during times like these, pulls everyone together. It is the familiar and friendly voice that provides information, comfort and reassurance to listeners. Radio will also be there to provide guidance to the local businesses within the community – by working together to craft messaging that is helpful and sensitive to the needs of consumers.

Broadcast radio is always there for the local communities – as a trusted source who is there to help. During these times, radio will do what it always does best.


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  1. Our stations must commit to LIVE, ACCURATE reporting of facts. As I have told local officials, “I don’t care if we’re first, as long as we’re RIGHT”. We must help lead our listeners and clients in this time of turmoil – and build their knowledge in the value of Local Radio.

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