How Partnerships with Radio Can Change Kid’s Health

Contributor: Fleur Voruz, Senior Director, Programs (Media), Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

No one ever expects to need a children’s hospital, yet every day, thousands of kids enter a children’s hospital, many of them fighting for their lives.

For nearly 40 years, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have raised the critical funds needed for 170 children’s hospitals that support the health of millions of kids across the U.S. and Canada, but we can’t do it alone. Radiothon events make it easy for anyone to join our cause and understand the needs of children’s hospitals.

Through the power of local radio, passionate and committed on-air talent expertly tell the story of children’s hospitals to raise the critical funds necessary to positively change kids’ health. Radio station on-air personalities and radio teams across the country work tirelessly to support signature station events that rally the community to our cause. These events, held annually in over 100 markets, demonstrate the power of partnership between Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, local member children’s hospitals, local stations and ownership groups. Listeners look forward to these events each year as they showcase the amazing work of children’s hospitals in their community. 

Radio reaches 84% of adults who contributed money to causes and organizations in the past year according to Scarborough data. As an emotionally connected and trusted medium, radio with its massive reach continues to play an extremely significant role in engaging our supporters and sharing the impact being made for kids and families. We couldn’t be more grateful!

Like any nonprofit, children’s hospitals rely on donations and community support to meet their most urgent needs. These unrestricted funds provide charitable care, investments in life-saving research, training for the next generation of doctors and nurses and programs and services that offer families peace of mind during the most trying moments in their lives.

Currently, many children’s hospitals are in crisis. Emergency departments and intensive care units are stretched past their limit with fewer medical staff to care for the sickest patients. In addition to treating kids with COVID-19, children’s hospitals continue to treat everything from broken bones to cancer and all the moments in between. Now, more than ever, philanthropy is crucial to ensure children’s hospitals are supported so that kids continue to receive the best possible care – no matter life’s circumstances. Donations can transform how children’s hospitals meet the needs brought on by the pandemic, while still maintaining an exceptional standard of care and well-being. 

We know kids can’t wait; they need our help now. But we have our sights set even higher. We know that when we improve medical treatments, equipment and facilities, we can address the most challenging health issues of today while preventing and preparing for those to come. When we fund pioneering research at children’s hospitals, we transform how we care for children not just in their youth, but throughout their lives. When we make it easy for people to understand and give to this cause, the collective impact grows exponentially. Partnerships with broadcast radio matter, because when we change the health of even one child or family, we will create a ripple effect felt by our communities for years to come. 

Happy holidays and a heartfelt thank you from Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to you and all our broadcast radio partners for another successful fundraising year! You are truly making a difference in your communities; you are changing kids’ health and you are changing the future – for all of us! 

Learn more about how to change the future by partnering with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals here.


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