Radio and The Big Day

Author: Annette Malave, SVP-Insights, RAB

Time just continues to fly by. It’s hard to believe that we are already in the second month of 2022. And the big day is quickly approaching. Which big day? Super Bowl!

Playoffs have been exciting so far and, based on reported ratings, the games have the attention of the public. When it comes to the big game, we are certain that people viewership will be high.

Based on a Numerator January survey, 76% of adults plan on watching Super Bowl LVI next week. Of those that plan on watching Super Bowl, 56% plan to spend the same on food and drink as they did last year; 15% plan on spending more.

The days leading up to Super Bowl are great opportunities for retailers to reach these potential shoppers. These shoppers are primed to get deals so advertising will be key – especially for local retailers.

Adults who enjoy the Super Bowl don’t just view the big game; they also listen to it on broadcast radio. It’s a common practice to watch the game on TV and listen to the play-by-play via the radio. And it’s not just super sports fans that tune in this way. General sports fans age 21 and over are 272% more likely to regularly listen to playoffs or Super Bowl on broadcast radio.

So, who are these listeners and how do they spend their money? Sixty-three percent of adults 21+ who regularly listen to playoff games and Super Bowl on the radio have an annual household income of $75K or more, according to MRI-Simmons data.

Sports events like these bring out the foodies in everyone. Many of these listeners purchase their meals at quick-serve restaurants. In the past six months, 92% have made purchases at fast-food restaurants and drive-ins; they are 28% more likely to spend $51-$200. If you are wondering why, it’s because 50% agree that eating at a fast-food restaurant is fun.

Sixty-eight percent of these listeners prefer foods cooked with bold flavors, and 78% use food to bring family together. Advertisers trying to reach these listeners should be certain to incorporate messaging that includes the importance of family gatherings sharing seasoned and flavorful foods.

The Numerator survey noted that 69% of the Super Bowl watchers planned on buying alcoholic beverages. This falls in line with the consumption habits of playoff and Super Bowl radio listeners. Seventy percent of these radio listeners have had an alcoholic beverage in the past six months. These radio listeners also consume soft drinks. They are 36% more likely to have had three or more soft drinks in the past week and 86% more likely to have had a diet version of that soft drink. This is great news for supermarkets, beverage distributors and liquor stores alike! Hearing the sound of a cork popping, a beer being poured or the fizzle of soda on the radio brings those images vividly to the minds of any radio listener.

Whether you’re trying to reach a general fan or super fan, radio reaches them during the playoffs or for the big game. Who doesn’t love the excitement that these events bring?

Speaking of love, Valentine’s Day is the day after the big game. No worries. These listeners have got it covered. They are 47% more likely to have purchased a Valentine’s Day card and are 51% more likely to have purchased chocolates as a gift.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the love of the game or the love in their lives, radio matters. Radio delivers the excitement of the game with its incredible ability to paint the picture and create the imagery of the action in our minds as they occur live.


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