Radio Highlights to Kick Off 2024

Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB

Here we are. Welcome to the first week of 2024! This first week is when many will start something new. Whether that “new” is exercise, reading more, taking on a new hobby or something else, it is also a good time to remember some of the things from 2023.

*To help you ease into 2024, we thought we would share some highlights about radio from 2023 to kick off 2024!

*Radio continues as the top reach medium touching more Americans every week than any other platform.

*Heavy radio listeners have more brand conversations across all categories than heavy consumers of TV, social media, magazines or newspapers. (Radio Drives Brand Conversations, RAB & Engagement Labs)

*Seven in 10 radio listeners actively engage with their favorite radio station online, offline or in person. (Katz Radio Group Survey)

*Radio is an effective medium at driving website traffic for businesses – ranging from auto services to home services and jewelers.

*Radio influences behavior, whether it is to drive school enrollment or drive engagement with diverse communities.

*With its attentive audience, radio works to drive business forward.

*Radio is a champion for the community.


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