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Radio, the top reach medium, provides news, traffic, music to the over 247 million listeners every week.  Radio delivers content that listeners want wherever and whenever they want it, but radio is also more than that.  Radio is part of the community.

As part of the community, radio helps drive conversation.  On November 14th, an unprecedented, collaborative initiative took place that truly showcased the power and impact of local radio.  For the first time in radio’s history, 47 radio stations in a single major market simultaneously aired a 30-minute, commercial free, live broadcast event — “Chicago Radio Town Hall Meeting with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.”  Joining the mayor in conversation was legendary award-winning IBA Hall of Fame broadcast journalist Bill Kurtis.

Nearly one-third of the Chicago population tuned in, according to a Nielsen Audio survey of nearly 800 adults 18+.  Of those surveyed, 70% felt that the event was “important enough to justify broadcasting it on so many stations.” In addition, 8 in 10 adults listened on their preferred station and listening was equally split between at home or away from home.

Just another proof point of radio’s importance within the community is its personal connection with its listeners – a characteristic that is unique to radio, unlike any other medium.  That connection is due in part to the local personalities on those stations.  In numerous surveys and studies, listeners consider those personalities like a friend or family member.  Like a friend or family member, radio is there to help and support its listeners during difficult times.

Radio stations were there during times of crisis and need.  They were there to keep Floridians apprised of the status of Hurricane Matthew. Radio was there to provide prom dresses for young ladies whose families can’t afford one, to help local pet shelters and to aid food banks year-round and especially for Thanksgiving.

Radio is part of the community – like the local businesses and organizations that they partner with that are in the towns and cities they broadcast in.  Radio helps promote the efforts of local organizations and drive charitable interests of local businesses.

Radio stations and those employed at the stations live within the community.  They experience both the good and bad times that the listeners do. Radio is like a friend or family member – radio is there when you need it.


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  1. Radio certainly has a unique ability to connect and build brand loyalty with audiences where television appears to be less effective. People often watch multiple channels in the same day, but far less regularly switch between radio stations.

    It’s therefore less surprising that your results show that such a high percentage of those surveyed supported the broadcast – it’s a strong signal of the trust that has been built by the stations in their own programming.

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