Watches, Bracelets and Rings – Oh My!

Jewelry on window display

You’ve all heard about radio’s incredible reach and its ability to create relevant imagery in a person’s mind.  Did you know that radio is great at selling shiny new objects, too?  Yes, it can help to sell watches, earrings, bracelets and rings – oh my! According to National, the holiday sales are off to a strong start.

Throughout the course of 2016, the jewelry category has consistently increased radio ad spend over 2015 comps, based on data from Miller Kaplan Arase, LLP.  Specifically, International Diamond Center, Signet Jewelers, Pandora Jewelry and Diamonds Direct, representing four of the top eight category spenders, collectively increased their spending 67% for the first nine months of 2016.

The jewelry industry has seen significant increases in ad spending across all media since 2010.  This year, the industry is estimated to spend nearly $772MM – up 66% since 2010.


According to Scarborough data, radio reaches 91% of adults who shopped at a jeweler in the past three months.  In fact, that percentage is even higher among Blacks (93%) and Hispanics (94%).

While radio station personalities can speak to the kinds of jewelry options available and the brilliance of the jewelry, radio can also deliver visuals by running an ad in tandem with the audio on the station’s digital platforms.

It’s clear that radio works for jewelers.  An internet search for radio ads and jewelry stores will deliver a plethora of local jeweler sites with links to their radio ads, such as here and here.  Radio sells shiny new objects — watches, earrings, bracelets and rings.  Oh my!


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