Radio Works for Local and State Government Agencies

Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB

Political views and interests by Americans have been the topic of many news articles and stories. Yet, how Americans view their state and local governments has been favorable. According to a Pew Research survey in 2022, 66% of American adults have a favorable view of their local government, and 54% have a favorable view of their state government.

Views on local or state government can differ from the federal government. While there may be various reasons why that is the case, it is safe to assume that it may be because of the impact on their local communities and neighborhoods. Results from’s list of America’s 25 Most Neighborly Cities, noted how political divide has impacted their neighbors with over 9% stating that they have seen issues brought up in an HOA (homeowners association) or neighborhood association meeting. When it comes to election season, nearly 9% of consumers live in a neighborhood that’s very politically active and they are usually participating.

Communities aren’t just defined by street blocks, roads or districts. They can also be defined by like-minded individuals who have a characteristic in common. In the case of radio, the community are those individuals who tune into their favorite radio station to get news, weather, information or content that they want throughout their day.

Radio listeners are engaged when it comes to local or statewide elections. Forty one percent of radio listeners always vote in statewide elections and 40% always vote in local ones, per MRI-Simmons. They are also:

  • 10% more likely to have attended a public meeting on town or school affairs.
  • 6% more likely to have served on a committee for some local organization.
  • 3% more likely to have been an active member of any group that tries to influence public policy or government.

We know that local matters – to everyone – because it impacts what happens where they live. As a medium that is licensed to inform and engage with the local community, radio matters. Radio works for local and state government agencies – reaching the constituents these arms need and want to connect with.


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