Radio Shines for Jewelry Retailers

Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB

Jewelry is a reflection of a person’s individual style. Whether it is a bracelet, ring or watch, it can be a statement of one’s personality or culture, but it can also be reminiscent of a family member.

Consumers purchased jewelry for various reasons – sometimes it is because they see an item that “speaks” to them or because of an occasion. On average, a consumer will buy one to three jewelry items each year and will spend almost $1,300, per a 2023 survey by The Plumb Club. Where they make their purchases can be influenced via browsing a retailer’s site or through the recommendation of a family member or friend. While they browse online, their preference is to buy from a local or independent retailer. Of course, deals, discounts or promotions can also help determine where and when they buy. Jewelry retailers should take note to include mentions of money-saving opportunities when targeting potential shoppers.

There are many creative ways to target potential jewelry buyers. However, per MRI-Simmons, radio’s ability to reach eight in 10 adults who shopped at a jewelry retailer in the past three months is a medium worth its weight in gold. Radio is also a very effective medium to drive traffic to a retailer’s website – an important influence per The Plumb Club’s survey.

In an analysis of over thirty-eight thousand radio ads that ran from January through September 2023, radio campaigns increased jewelry retailers’ website activity by 9%. Using data from AnalyticOwl, radio also increased new site visitors 11% for every day radio spots air.

While most advertisers will run their campaigns throughout the week, there are days that are more effective at driving site traffic. Saturday experienced the highest amount of site traffic followed by Thursday. As it pertains to dayparts, evening drive following by midday were most effective at increasing traffic. Since consumers will window shop online prior to going in store, jewelry retailers should make note of days and dayparts to help encourage that online search.

With the big holiday shopping season approaching, jewelry retailers should make note of consumer preferences and influences. Using a medium that reaches 85% of adults who have shopped in the past three months at a jeweler should be a bright spot in an advertiser’s campaign strategy.

You can view the complete analysis here.


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