Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Tim Clarke, Senior Director of Digital
Audience For The Cox Media Group

In this edition, Erica Farber, President and CEO of the RAB speaks with Tim Clarke, Senior Director of Digital Audience for the Cox Media Group. Tim oversees digital products, content and audience strategies for all of the Cox Media Group Radio properties.

In this podcast which was recorded at the recent Podcast Movement conference held in Anaheim, California they discuss how podcasting is a new and an exciting opportunity for radio.

Reaching Sports Fans with Radio

Sports fans are amazing!  They will go to an event to watch “their” team play – whether it is 102 degrees or 2 degrees – they are there.  They identify with their teams and according to research on the subject, one professor of psychological and brain sciences was quoted as saying: “A huge part of who they are, where they derive a lot of their positive and negative affect, is from what their team is doing.”

Sports fans are very similar to radio listeners.  Both groups have strong emotional connections with the person or persons they are tuned in to.  So when you combine a sports fan that is also an avid radio listener, it’s a powerful combination.

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Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring 2017 MIW & Marketron Rising Star Award Winner Jeni Grouws

This past week the RAB in partnership with BMI and the MIW (Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio) completed the 10th annual Rising Through the Ranks Women in Radio Management and Leadership Program.

In this edition of Radio on Main Street, Erica Farber, President and CEO of the RAB speaks with one of this year’s graduates Jeni Grouws, Station Manager and Morning Show Host for KDEC in Decorah, Iowa. Jeni is also the recipient of the 2017 MIW & Marketron Rising Star Award.

Radio on Main Street Podcast featuring Oscar Rodriguez, President
of the Texas Association of Broadcasters

In this week’s Radio on Main Street podcast, RAB’s Dave Casper talks with Texas Association of Broadcasters President, Oscar Rodriguez.

The TAB just concluded their annual convention in Austin.  Dave talks with Oscar about themes emerging from this year’s convention, the role of state associations in broadcasting and what he sees as some of the key challenges and opportunities facing broadcaster today.

An Important Audio Device

Throughout the course of history there have been numerous audio and portable audio devices that allowed listeners to take their content with them wherever they went.  On July 27, an announcement was made that may have surprised some people – Apple revealed that it was discontinuing the iPod nano and shuffle.  These two products should receive some recognition because they made audio history and forever changed how people take audio with them.

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