Radio’s Place in the New Local Media
Advertising Marketplace

Driving on an empty road towards the setting sun and sunbeams to upcoming new 2017 year and leaving 2016 behind. Concept for success and passing time.

With only 9 weeks left before we bid farewell to 2016, we asked Mark Fratrik, Ph.D., SVP and Chief Economist with BIA/Kelsey to provide with us with radio’s outlook for 2017.

Where do local radio stations stand in the new local media advertising marketplace, especially compared to their traditional and online/digital competitors? According to the recently published 2017 BIA/Kelsey U.S Local Advertising Forecast, which provides a five year national forecast and 12 individual media forecasts, radio does reasonably well. The combination of online activities with the over-the-air advertising leads to a 10.5% share of the $148.8B local advertising pie in 2017.

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Advertising Marketplace”

Radio on Main Street featuring Carolyn Gilbert, NuVoodoo

In this episode of Radio on Main Street, RAB President and CEO Erica Farber interviews Carolyn Gilbert, president and owner of NuVoodoo Media services.  While Carolyn likes to joke about being the high priestess of NuVoodoo, she takes media research seriously.  NuVoodoo Media Services provides data-driven marketing, programming and content intelligence to the radio industry.  You’ll hear directly from her regarding some listener insights and find out why radio is important to those listeners.

Only 17 Days Left!


In seventeen more days we’ll know who will be leading this country for the next four years.  As we approach November 8, there is still time for candidates to reach voters and particularly those that are still undecided.  Also, given the events that have occurred in the past few weeks, political advertising dollars have seen some shifts, but not with radio.

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Radio on Main Street Podcast featuring Dave Ramsey

In this episode, RAB President and CEO Erica Farber talks with Dave Ramsey. As you may know Dave is a prominent radio personality who focuses on financial peace. What you may not know is that the Dave Ramsey Brand is also a multi-channel brand and content portfolio. Today you’ll get a peek behind the curtain at the Dave Ramsey brand and how they have methodically and successfully grown. You’ll learn a new word Dave created – he says “they do that in Tennessee”; you’ll also learn how his company creates a culture of “missional leaders” that attract and retains Millennials.  You’ll even learn Dave’s take on politics and the future.

Scale. Storyteller. Relationships.

"Digital portable clock radio with red illuminated lcd display. Radio has a wooden body, metallic buttons and antenna. Isolated on white background."

These are the words that have been used to describe radio by some of the most widely recognized national brands and large advertising agencies.  During the 40th Annual Fall Broadcast Management Conference and the 16th Annual Power of Urban Radio Forum, speakers and panelists discussed radio’s strengths, future as well as what radio can do to help advertisers address their challenges.

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Radio on Main Street Podcast featuring LifeLock


In this episode of Radio on Main Street, Erica Farber interviews a marketer who is achieving great success with radio.   At this year’s Radio Show, LifeLock was the headliner at the Advertiser Breakfast and on this podcast we continue the dialogue with Lina Calia, Vice President of Paid Media for LifeLock and Kathryn Kercher, Radio Consultant for LifeLock.  We’ll take a deeper dive into LifeLock’s business and learn more about how they partner with national and local radio to drive awareness, build trust and most importantly bring in new LifeLock members.  You will learn how they go to market, what they look for, the role various platforms play, how they measure success and how radio is driving business.

Radio Connects and Colors

technology and lifestyle concept: Hipster with beard and checked shirt holding a smartphone with radio app on the screen

Over 247 million people tune in to radio every week.  Their reason for tune-in varies; it may be to find out about the weather or to get traffic and transit updates.  Whatever the reason, they all have one thing in common – they listen because of the connection they have with the radio station and the personalities on that station.  During Advertising Week, radio’s ability to “provide a personal connection with listeners that no one else does” and “color a blank canvas” for sports fans was discussed during two separate sessions: “Let Us Entertain You” and “Huddle Up – Radio Sets the Score,” each moderated by RAB president and CEO Erica Farber.

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Radio on Main Street Podcast featuring Hartley Adkins, iHeartMedia

In this episode of Radio on Main Street, RAB President and CEO Erica Farber talks with Hartley Adkins, President of the North East Division and Corporate Operations, iHeartMedia.  We’ll learn how he got his start in Radio, talk about his strategies for selecting great talent, share success stories and more.