Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Ralph Martin, Music Education Coordinator for the Vacaville Christian School’s Radio Conservatory

This past week, April 21 to 28, a little known but exciting part of radio’s landscape was celebrated – it was high school radio week.  With multiple high school stations broadcasting across the country, Erica Farber, President & CEO of the RAB, connected with Ralph Martin, Music Education Coordinator for the Vacaville Christian School’s Radio Conservatory where for the last four years they have officially been broadcasting 24/7 KVCB, 100.9 FM in Vacaville, California, a town located about halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento.

In honor of this special occasion, the station had just come off a live 24 hour marathon inviting local bands and broadcast alumni alongside their current student broadcasters.  As we think about the next generation of broadcasters, Ralph shares that “our kids are going to be OK.”  It’s a positive outlook on the future of broadcasting and the future of our society in general.  If you want to hear for yourself, you can stream the station at and click “Listen Live.”

Radio’s Connection – On-air and Socially, Counts.

Author:  Fred Jacobs, President, Jacobs Media.

Since its inception, social media has been a much-discussed digital platform – especially in radio circles. The low cost of entry, the ease of interaction and its widespread popularity has made for a great opportunity for radio brands to connect with audiences in ways that were once not even possible.

In recent weeks, we’re learning more about the true toll of social media networks on our privacy and personal information. If we didn’t realize it before, we do now: there’s a cost to social media. Mark Zuckerberg did not provide us with a conduit to our friends, families, and listeners as a public service. He’s been monetizing our data. And we’ve been gladly checking off the “accept terms and conditions” box as we scroll through our news feeds.

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Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Mike Sherry, Vice President Sales for Forever Media

Erica Farber, President & CEO of the RAB sat down with Mike Sherry, Vice President Sales for Forever Media.

Forever Media has a company creed that details five responsibilities with the first one being to the advertisers that invest in their stations.  It states they, being the company, must always remember the customer expects and deserves results and increased profits.  With oversight of revenue for 51 stations in nine markets, Mike strongly believes everyone in radio sales today needs to focus on selling radio’s value.  And if everyone has pride in their radio stations and sells that value on a local basis, radio will continue to thrive.

CES 2018 Las Vegas


Among the biggest stars at CES 2018 were the newest smart speakers and the latest skills they offer. With it comes many new opportunities for radio as audio, and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) devices like Alexa are influencing the way consumers are tapping into their favorite stations using these skills. The machine learning is improving the way we interact with the technology. So it’s no surprise that this year’s CES theme was AI! Everything is getting smarter due to data. As the devices get smarter, audio will play a larger role.

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Getting Fit with Radio

Now that the holiday eating and drinking events are behind, consumers will suddenly feel guilty about all of their indulgences.  One look at any talk show, home TV shopping program or even ads on the internet seems focused on one thing – getting fit.

While there are some adults (okay a lot) that will make health and fitness one of their resolutions, there are many who go to the gym or exercise on a regular basis.

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Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Dan Mason, Chairperson of the
Broadcasters Foundation of America

In this edition of the Radio on Main Street,  Erica Farber, President & CEO of the RAB, speaks with the Chairperson of the Broadcasters Foundation of America –  Dan Mason.

As a former CBS Radio President & CEO Dan is one busy guy.  In addition to his work with the Broadcasters Foundation he is a senior advisor for Broadcast Relations for iHeartmedia.  He is also a play-by-play basketball announcer at Coppin State University and is a co-host and analyst for the Horse Racing Radio Network.  As the year is coming to a close Dan shares his thoughts on the importance of supporting the Broadcasters Foundation plus he shares his advice for all broadcasters for the coming year.