Getting Fit with Radio

Now that the holiday eating and drinking events are behind, consumers will suddenly feel guilty about all of their indulgences.  One look at any talk show, home TV shopping program or even ads on the internet seems focused on one thing – getting fit.

While there are some adults (okay a lot) that will make health and fitness one of their resolutions, there are many who go to the gym or exercise on a regular basis.

Did you know that 81% of adults who are a member at any gym, listen to AM/FM radio?  While they listen to radio throughout the week, 82% listen to radio in-car during a typical work day.  They are also 8% more likely than the general population to listen to radio at work.

People today try to lead much healthier lives than years past.  Their attitude and outlook on health and fitness is amazing.  There are people that watch their diets for fitness and others due to a health condition.  Whatever the reason is, they do have one thing in common with their work out cohorts – they too listen to AM/FM radio.  In fact 79% of adults that watch their diet for fitness reasons listen to radio.  Of their total week day, they spend over three-quarters of their weekday listening to the radio in-car while 29% listen at home according to GfK MRI 2017 Doublebase.

We already knew that radio can help elevate a person’s mood, make them laugh and keep them company.  Based on this data, we now know that radio reach them throughout their day – at home, in car or maybe even on a treadmill.

Happy New Year!


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