Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Tony Gray, President and CEO of Gray Communications

In this edition, Erica Farber, President and CEO of the RAB speaks with Tony Gray, President and CEO of Gray Communications.   Tony is one of the longest tenured urban radio programming consultants and provides stations with personal consultation, research evaluations and market analysis as well as talent recruitment.

His single piece of advice to the industry is to never compromise the product.

Radio Delivers Experiences

Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB

Of all generations, millennials have had the greatest influence on the advertising and marketing world.  Their views and opinions and how they communicate amongst each other shifted how advertiser brands engage with them. According to an early study conducted by Harris and Eventbrite, millennials would choose to spend money on experiences versus things and the greater majority had participated in live events in the past year – like concerts, festivals, themed sports, etc.

While millennials, as a target audience, may have been a catalyst to the growth of event/experiential, it is now an important component of many brands’ marketing campaigns – regardless of age groups.  Marketers will spend nearly 21% of their overall budgets on event/experiential in 2018 compared to 19% in 2017, according to a 2018 report by Event Marketer.

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Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Tom Webster, Senior VP for Edison Research

Smart speakers are quickly becoming commonplace in the homes. In fact, a recently released study by Edison Research done in partnership with NPR stated 18% of all Americans 18+ own a smart speaker. These audio playback devices feature voice activated digital tasks and can operate as home automation hubs. Serving as a central information source for users, these devices are most importantly providing easy access to listen to one’s favorite radio station.

Erica Farber is the President & CEO of the RAB and in this edition she speaks with Tom Webster, Senior VP for Edison Research. They discuss some interesting findings from the study covering such topics as ownership and usage data, media behavior interests and activities, and purchasing and advertising attitudes of smart speaker owners.

Auto Disclaimers Help Drive Purchase Intent

Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB

One of radio’s biggest creative challenges has been the disclaimers that are mandatory for commercials of specific ad categories.  The long list of rates, money down, and other qualifiers once considered audio noise contained within auto ads may in fact be influential for those consumers who are in the market to purchase/lease a vehicle.  Based upon a recent analysis of auto dealer ads, these along with additional findings can be a game changer for increased revenue opportunities for radio.

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Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Dan Vallie, President of the National Radio Talent System.

A common concern expressed by broadcasters in all size markets is the need to attract the next generation of broadcasters. An idea that first began at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina was an incubator created for well-rounded and well-educated college talent with a passion, determination and an interest to begin a career in Radio.

In this edition, Erica Farber, President and CEO of the RAB speaks with Dan Vallie, President of the National Radio Talent System and founder of Vallie, Richards, Donovan Consulting.

With a strong background in radio programming, Dan is the man behind the only program of its kind created to answer the long-discussed issue of a radio talent farm for the industry. Now presented in over eight colleges and universities across the country, these 10-day intensive summer programs bring in broadcast professionals representing all aspects of the radio industry to act as guest professional facility to teach all the sessions to the students accepted in the program. And the best part is 70% of the students that have gone through the program have received their first job in radio or related fields.