Radio on Main Street Podcast featuring Doug Levy, Univision Communications

In this episode of Radio on Main Street, RAB’s President and CEO Erica Farber talks with Doug Levy, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Univision Local Media Chicago.  In this week’s podcast, Erica visits with Doug regarding the Chicago Radio Town Hall, a collaborative effort on the part of Chicago’s radio broadcasters to demonstrate radio’s unique power to reach the massive Chicago listening audience.

Ad Fraud Isn’t Possible
in Live Broadcast Radio

Studio microphone stand on background sign light ON AIR. 3d illustration

Throughout 2016, data became more and more important in advertising – finding out the who, what, where and why.  So what happens if the data you receive comes into question?  Articles like this one from Advertising Age and The New York Times only adds to that concern.

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in Live Broadcast Radio”

Radio on Main Street Podcast featuring Mark Gray, Katz Radio Group

In this episode of Radio on Main Street, RAB President and CEO Erica Farber visits with Mark Gray, President of Katz Radio Group.  Katz Radio Group has the largest reach of any radio representation company in America, representing more than 4000 radio stations and thousands of digital platforms.  In this week’s podcast, Mark talks about the role of a national rep. in today’s media world, radio’s end-of-year revenue story and his forecast for 2017.

Reporting from The Attribution
Accelerator – What You Need to Know

Conversion Rate Optimisation Icon. Business Concept. Isolated illustration.

Today’s post is courtesy of Jim Spaeth and Alice K. Sylvester of Sequent Partners.  This is a follow-up post on Multi-Touch Attribution.

The Attribution Accelerator conference, sponsored in part by the RAB on November 30, confirmed that the advertising industry has pinned high hopes to a new measure of media performance, Cross-Channel Attribution modeling.

Close to 300 marketers, agency, media and research providers looked at the in’s and out’s of attribution and its traditional forbearer, marketing mix models. Marketer representatives in attendance included: Unilever, Estee Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, Verizon, Weight Watchers and Citi.  The conference was designed to generate dialogue about Return On Investment measurement and hear what marketers have experienced and need.

If you think this is just another post on ROI, it’s not.  It’s about the future of planning what media is included in the plan…or not!

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Accelerator – What You Need to Know”

Radio on Main Street Podcast featuring Gordon Borrell, Borrell Associates

In this episode of Radio on Main Street, RAB’s Senior Vice President of Professional Development Jeff Schmidt sits in for Erica Farber and visits with Borrell Associates CEO, Gordon Borrell. Borrell Associates is a research firm that tracks and analyzes trends in local advertising. In this week’s podcast, Gordon talks about the opportunities for radio in local online advertising, the forecast for local online in 2017 and emerging opportunities in the coming year for advertisers and broadcasters.

The Secret Formula to Great Radio Ads


What makes a great radio ad?  Is there a magic formula or do you just have to have a gift?  In today’s post, some of radio’s great creative minds share their thoughts and approach to writing great radio ads.  Have you tried their approach in the past?  Please tell us what you think about their suggestions.

“Radio is one of the few remaining mediums with captive audiences. They can’t click away from you; they can’t skip ahead. While they are driving in their car, you own their attention,” said Chris Smith, Brand Creative Group Head from The Richards Group, as he was emphasizing radio’s continued relevance as a great storytelling mechanism despite all other advertising choices.

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Radio on Main Street Podcast featuring Tom Buono, BIA/Kelsey

This week, we sit down for a look at the year ahead with Tom Buono, Founder and President of BIA/Kelsey, a local marketing and advertising research and management consulting company.

RAB’s Dave Casper caught up with Tom following the release of their 2017 Local Advertising forecast. You’ll hear what’s on the horizon for local media, BIA/Kelsey’s forecast for Radio and trends to watch for in 2017.

Watches, Bracelets and Rings – Oh My!

Jewelry on window display

You’ve all heard about radio’s incredible reach and its ability to create relevant imagery in a person’s mind.  Did you know that radio is great at selling shiny new objects, too?  Yes, it can help to sell watches, earrings, bracelets and rings – oh my! According to National, the holiday sales are off to a strong start.

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