Radio Leads the Charge in the
Audio World

Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB

Today, consumers have a multitude of audio options to choose from — broadcast, satellite, pure-plays and podcasts — across a multitude of devices. In other words, audio has never been hotter.

According to the latest Edison Research, “Share of Ear,” adults spend 59% of their audio time with ad-supported media. Despite the numerous audio options, broadcast radio dominates. Of the total time spent daily consuming ad-supported audio platforms, broadcast radio accounts for more than three-quarters.

Based on the latest eMarketer report “Digital Audio Advertising: Exploring Opportunities In Streaming,” radio is still very much a mass medium consumed by adults more often than other audio options.

Radio is no longer limited to the airwaves. Radio is available across digital devices and mobile devices — via apps and streams — allowing listeners to tune in whenever or wherever they want. And thanks to technology, the dialogue that exists between the radio personality and the listener can continue beyond airtimes and airwaves by way of podcasts.

Adults today tune into audio more than ever before. Whether you’re walking down the street of a metropolitan city or in a vehicle in a small rural town, people are tuned in and engaging with audio in numerous forms.

No matter how you look at it (or how listeners tune in), radio leads the charge in the audio world. Audio, and most importantly, radio is hotter than ever!

Radio was the first truly mobile medium. How many devices and platforms do you use to listen to radio?


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