Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Sherman Kizart, Managing Director, Kizart Media Partners

The 2010 census states almost 38% of the US population is comprised of minority and ethnic groups and that figure is estimated to grow in 2020 when the new census is taken. These individuals represent an important and ever-increasing audience for radio.

In this edition, Erica Farber, President and CEO of the RAB speaks with Sherman Kizart, Managing Director, Kizart Media Partners.

Over the years Sherman has focused his efforts on the consideration and inclusion of multicultural audiences in an advertisers marketing campaign.  Through his hard work and dedication, the Fair Play Charter, relaunched earlier this year by the 4A’s, reemphasized that media agencies and media departments within agencies recommit to fair and equitable treatment of minority media owners and or media targeting minority audiences. Sherman has also been a proponent and spokesperson on the importance of diversity in broadcast ownership representing both women and minority groups.