Trying to Reach Teens? Use Radio!!

Did you know that radio has the highest reach against teens versus any other broadcast medium or electronic device?  And radio’s reach is even greater than that of game consoles!

So if radio has the greatest reach, what are they listening to?  Based upon GfK MRI 2016 data, there are a number of formats that over-index in the 12-17 audience.  Those formats are Adults Hits (including similar forms/subsets), Ethnic, Hispanic (including all forms or derivatives), Rock, Rhythmic, Urban and even Religious/Christian.

According to this same data, 86% of teens have listened to any AM/FM radio.  Their reasons for listening to radio are for mood and knowledge.  Specifically, radio:

    • Helps them think (33%)
    • Is a good escape (38%)
    • Keeps them informed/up to date (44%)
    • Is entertaining (44%)
    • Relaxes them (52%)
    • Puts them in a good mood (57%)

It goes without saying that this age group is always on and connected.  Their use of technology is second nature to them and they’ve never known a world without the internet.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that when it comes to the media they trust the most, teens are 15% more likely to trust the internet followed by radio (7%)!  In fact, radio is the only traditional medium that over-indexes as it pertains to trust with this age group.  Teens are also 14% more likely to listen to broadcast radio streams and 20% more likely to have visited a radio station, program or radio personality’s website.

Whether the listener is 50 or 15, radio plays a role in the lives of its listeners.   Radio’s connections with its listeners are emotional – providing a mood-lifting, entertaining and informative experience – while reaching them throughout the day.


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