The Personality Connection

In case you missed it, read this commentary on youth and radio personalities.  Despite what some may think about youth and their communication via texts, half sentences, pictures and emoji’s, the human voice is still important.  And not just any voice, but the voice of a broadcast radio personality.

If you overheard a conversation and someone was referencing Mike and Patti, Letty B., Tad and Melissa or Ana Alicia, you might think that they were mentioning the names of friends.  Well, you are close. The names listed here are of those that seem like a friend to people on a daily basis – at least to listeners.  These are just some of the names of broadcast radio on-air personalities.

On a daily basis, millions of people wake up to, drive along with or fall asleep to the voices that they hear on the radio.  With well over 11,000 broadcast radio stations across the country, there are as many voices that speak to listeners.  Radio station personalities are seen as a friend by their listeners.  They make their listeners laugh, think, cry, yell – feel just about every emotion there is.  They keep their listeners informed of the news, weather and traffic and introduce products and services.  They also share personal stories – pet adoptions, engagements and sometimes even the loss of loved ones.  The connection that exists between the listener and radio personality is an emotional one and, most importantly, a personal one.

Today’s youth are always moving and doing.  They are always connected and always want to be “in the know.”  They want to be aware of the latest events, concerts, and want to know what their favorite bands and singers are doing.  Radio station personalities deliver that information to them and are as important and as relevant to them today as they were to generations before.  And if you read the commentary, then you know it’s not just radio promoting radio, it’s an ad industry authority and we’re delighted to be able to share it with you.


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