Love is On the Air

Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB

In just a little over a month, people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. While it is often thought of as a day only for couples, that is not the case. Valentine’s Day is also thought of as a day when people share and display their affection with gifts.

According to the National Retail Federation, consumers planned on spending nearly $200 in 2020. There has been a growing trend with consumers to celebrate Valentine’s Day, not just with families, children or friends, but also with their pets. The average amount spent for pets ranges anywhere from $22 by adults 55+, to as high as $73 by adults 18-54.

Valentine’s Day is the 13th most popular national and religious event and the ninth most famous. While it is popular across people of all ages, it is most popular with millennials, Gen Xers and boomers, as surveyed by YouGov.

Based on this same data, what various demo groups buy for people during this day varies. Top of the lists, in most popular order, are:

  • Cards, chocolates/candy, flowers and jewelry by the silent generation and baby boomers
  • Chocolates/candy, cards, flowers and jewelry by Gen Xers
  • Chocolates/candy, cards, flowers, wine/liquor by millennials
  • Flowers, chocolates/candy, jewelry, flowers and wine/liquor by Gen Z
  • Chocolates/candy, cards, flowers and jewelry by Blacks
  • Chocolates/candy, cards, flowers and wine/liquor by Hispanics

Radio is a great medium to target consumers who shop for any of these items. In the past three months, radio reached1:

  • 91% of African Americans who shopped at any jewelry store
  • 91% of Hispanics who used any florist
  • 90% of adults who purchased any red or white wine
  • 90% of adults who shopped at a pet supply store

This Valentine’s Day may a little different, but people will display and affirm their affection for loved ones – perhaps even more so than ever before. Radio listeners are even more apt to display their affection – 72% of radio listeners like to shower their loved ones with gifts and 72% buy gifts as a way of expressing gratitude2.

This year, whether purchasing a card, flowers or gift for family, friends, children or that special loved one (including pets), radio is a medium that will not only reach Valentine’s shoppers but also as a platform for them publicly express their love – on air. When was the last time you requested a song dedication?

1. Scarborough USA+ 2020 Release Total (Jan 2019 – May 2020)
2. MRI Simmons Doublebase 2020


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