Radio’s Power Hour for Fitness

Author: Stephanie Heracleous, Research & Insights Assistant, RAB

The new year inevitably brings new goals into homes. As communities wind down from the holidays, folks are actively seeking healthier routines. The pandemic has heightened awareness to the importance of health and has sparked a larger interest for consumers to get back to working out.

According to IBISWorld, January and February are the busiest times for new fitness club memberships as consumers are looking to start resolutions for the year.

Radio is an excellent source for reaching these consumers. Radio reaches 89% of weekly listeners who have an active membership at a fitness club/gym and 89% of listeners who participate in a regular exercise program two times a week, based on MRI-Simmons data.

Staying healthy is motivating consumers, especially during the pandemic. Physical activity has proven benefits on the body, which plays a role in preventing and managing noncommunicable illnesses. According to a survey from IHRSA (the global health and fitness organization), 31% of adults who participated in physical activity showed a lower risk of acquiring a community infection.

Working out is beyond a number on a scale. Being active is the main reason why consumers are motivated to get exercise (46%), while mental health benefits rank second at 35% and weight loss is the third attributing factor (35%), according to The Next Fitness Consumer Report, released by the IHRSA Foundation and ABC Fitness Solutions.

Additionally, consumers are driven to join fitness clubs with a personalized delivery including equipment, programming and convenience of facilities. The main reason consumers are tempted to have fitness club memberships is cardio equipment training, flexibility/stretching, free weight training, equipment-based exercise classes and health/nutrition wellness coaching.

Fitness clubs are also evolving to the way consumers are keeping up with working out by offering apps and digital add-ons to their membership services. Compared to pre-pandemic routines, consumers are utilizing more online workouts (+15%), using at-home gym equipment (+13%), using other digital exercise programs (+8%) and outdoor exercise (+7%), according to an IHRSA survey.

Radio listener’s attitudes toward working out is positive. According to MRI-Simmons, about 68% of AM/FM radio listeners strongly/somewhat agree that they make it a point to exercise regularly. Fifty-two percent of these listeners are also frequently looking for new ways to change their exercise routines.

With consumers seeking a balanced approach to the new year, radio is the perfect way to spread awareness of healthy activities as listeners get back into their health groove. Radio, as a personal and emotional medium, can deliver encouraging messaging to both fitness fanatics and fitness newbies. Whether it’s motivational music or tuning into the news of the day, radio can be the power behind the motivation. Get fit with radio, and happy new year!


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