Radio Reaches Adopters of Technology

Author: Victor Texcucano, Content Coordinator, RAB

The world of technology advances every day, and it sure is getting interesting. We now have 8K smart televisions with more than 33 million pixels, smart home speakers that let you hear local, national and global news with a mere voice command and even internet-connected thermostats that can be controlled from smartphone applications. Today’s technology is truly transforming our living spaces into smarter, more helpful environments.

A lot of us spend more time at home these days, whether we’re still working from home or are just slowly getting used to our old routines away from home as COVID-19 waves ebb and flow. Technology has made our homes just a bit more comfortable, though adopting these technology trends can be intimidating.

Adopting new technology can come out of necessity and convenience, such as Roombas and other robot vacuum cleaners that keep floors clean with very little effort on one’s part. Many home appliances have crossed the threshold into what used to be thought of as a sci-fi fantasy, such as crock pots that can be turned on and off using smartphones, or refrigerators complete with web browsers that can be used to buy groceries online or listen to radio.

Adopting new tech can also come from curiosity and wanting to stay up to date on new gadgets, like VR headsets that transform gaming into a concept we had never even thought possible, or the smartphones that are now able to not only control most of our home gadgets, but also keep us entertained and our lives organized.

Additionally, as the concept of the metaverse rolls out in our home and even work lives, adoption of technology may become commonplace for some.

As technology is entering next-gen levels, let’s not forget about consumer electronics that have been popular for quite some time now. Tablets, smartphones, computers, e-readers, televisions, traditional gaming consoles, etc., are the top of the list when discussing items consumers use.

Whether it’s a smart TV, smart refrigerator, smart speaker, smartphone or other tech device, the ability for consumers to tune into their favorite broadcast radio station is only an app, skill or touch away.

As the original mobile medium, broadcast radio is available to consumers wherever, whenever they want to listen. That’s why electronic and tech retailers should always utilize radio to reach their customers, as radio reaches 87% of consumers who say they pay attention to ads on technology products. Radio also reaches 88% of consumers who purchased their smartphones in electronics stores, 87% that bought their computers in electronics stores and a whopping 91% of those whose household owns a smart speaker. More importantly for these retailers to note, is that radio reaches consumers that regularly purchase the latest technology. According to MRI-Simmons 2021 Fall Doublebase, radio reaches 86% of consumers who try to keep up with developments in technology, as well as 86% of those who consider themselves “tech wizards.”

It’s not only about radio reaching these “techies,” its also important to know what radio listeners think about technology and the devices they own. Eighty-six percent of radio listeners are the first among their friends and colleagues to try new tech products and they also want others to say “wow” when they see their electronics. These are important attitudinal insights that should be incorporated in electronic and tech retailer messaging.

Technology will keep advancing, whether we’re ready for it to do so or not. Likewise, consumers will always do their best to keep up with the latest gadgets and concepts. Fortunately, businesses can reach those consumers using a technology that doesn’t ever seem to be slowing down – radio.


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