Radio’s Resolution – A Champion for The Community

Contributor: Fleur Voruz, Senior Director, Programs (Media), Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

As a new year begins, this is a time to reflect on the health of our businesses.

Fundamental to this checkup is applauding the meaningful work that defines a business’ culture. Frequently, cause-connected partnerships set local radio stations apart in their communities increasing positive listener sentiment, fostering employee engagement and generating business value.

For decades, radio has played a pivotal role in supporting local members of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, providing care for millions of kids. A heartfelt thanks to those who give of themselves throughout the year to change kids’ health to change the future. Radiothon partners raised $34 million in 2022 to provide support to their local children’s hospitals. As a trusted medium, radio with its massive reach continues to play an extremely significant part in engaging our supporters and sharing the impact being made for kids and families.

The halo effect created for radio and its advertisers supporting these events to benefit world-class children’s hospitals extends beyond raising funds. High purpose brands double their market value four times faster. Brands who give back to a cause strengthen their emotional connection with their customers and help differentiate their brand from others in the market.

A study from CivicScience demonstrates the relationship between charitable organizations and businesses. Over one-third of US adults indicated that a business’ partnership with a charitable organization would make them more likely to shop at that business. Conversely, only 7% of U.S. adults indicate that a partnership with a charity would make them less likely to shop at a business.

Almost half of U.S. adults that donate indicate “support for the charity’s mission” as a motivating factor. Additionally, donations benefiting the local community is a motivator for U.S. adults. 43% of adults who are “likely” to donate to a local children’s hospital indicate that they are more likely to shop at businesses with charity partners. In general, those with specific reasons to donate continue to be much more likely to favor the businesses that partner with charities.

Partnerships with broadcast radio and the business community matter because when we change the health of even one child or family, we will create a ripple effect felt by our communities for years to come.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals support children’s health in a wide variety of ways, with 70% of hospitals addressing overall social determinants of health, including economic stability and food security.

  • 100% offer programs and/or services to foster financial stability for patients and families when receiving care.
  • 63% offer food insecurity services as part of broader hospitals and health system efforts.
  • 40% of hospitals offer food banks and distribution programs.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has raised more than $7 billion for member children’s hospitals since 1983. Through the power of our network, we unite communities to raise millions of dollars every year to help kids have access to the most advanced, holistic health care to unleash their future potential.  

To all our broadcast partners, congratulations on an incredible 2022 – and we can’t wait to celebrate 40 years in 2023!

See how you can support local member children’s hospitals by partnering with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals here.


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