Radio Delivers Furniture Buyers

Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB

During the height of the pandemic, consumers found themselves not only reevaluating where they lived, but also the furniture they had in their homes. Dining rooms and kitchens became makeshift offices. Consumers quickly realized that they needed to look at their home furnishings with a different perspective.

Sales of desks, chairs, etc. grew and many retailers experienced increased traffic on their sites. The cost of purchasing some of these items quickly escalated. The furniture industry experienced increased sales growth. As sales increased, furniture retailers realized that informing consumers of their inventory levels became a priority. When it comes to driving awareness, radio does the job and per Scarborough data, radio reaches 84% of adults who purchased furniture in the past year.

Based on an analysis of a survey of 1,500 adults ages 21-65, conducted by Provoke Insights (a full service market research firm), light was shed on the preferences and shopping habits of radio listeners and nonlisteners when it comes to furniture purchases.

Radio listeners are a prime target for furniture retailers. Per the Provoke Insights data, 14% of radio listeners have purchased furniture in the past month – greater than their nonlistening cohorts (11%). And there are still opportunities for furniture retailers to increase sales – seven in 10 radio listeners plan on buying furniture within the next 12 months.

Radio listener purchase intentions are for those items that create greater comfort such as mattresses, sofas and bedroom furniture. These are higher-ticket items which may be the reason that radio listeners plan to spend more on purchases compared to nonlisteners.

Where do radio listeners prefer to shop? In store and in person. As we have seen in previous surveys, radio listeners prefer to visit brick-and-mortar locations when shopping for furniture. And radio listeners are loyal and recognize brands. Fifty three percent of radio listeners consider brand names important when looking for furniture. Retailers should note this when promoting their inventory and sales on radio. Including brand names in their on-air messaging may not only drive store traffic but potentially increase sales. Radio listeners want to hear the brands they want and trust are part of the available inventory.

Consumers are savvier than ever. Inventory, brand availability and service matters, and this is even more important among radio listeners. Using radio not only reaches potential furniture shoppers for retailers but radio can also increase sales for those retailers who use radio to drive brand awareness.  

RAB members can download the report on the Provoke Insights section of here.


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