Radio – A Smorgasbord of Creativity

The Radio Mercury Awards just announced finalists for the 2017 awards.  There were 117 radio spots and campaigns nominated by a group of some of the most creative minds in the ad business.  It’s amazing to imagine all of those creative minds in one room – listening to their thoughts, insights, and of course, jokes.

“Anything is possible” was the theme set for this year’s awards by Mark Gross, founder and creative director, Highdive Advertising and chief judge for the 2017 Radio Mercury Awards, and there is a video to prove it. If you haven’t already seen it, I encourage you to do so as it truly highlights all that is possible on the radio.

Creativity is not just limited to the commercials that run on the radio stations. Creativity is also seen in the numerous ways that radio goes to market to help drive traffic and awareness of brands and products for advertisers.

One retailer asks radio station personalities to go and grab their Sunday circular and talk about the sale items on the personalities’ Monday morning show.  It’s advertising in a native form.  A pet foods company reaches out to station personalities that are always talking about their fur babies (a.k.a. cats and dogs) and provides them with food and snacks to feed their pets.  What you get is a radio station personality talking about how much their pet loves the food and the positive changes in their coats, encouraging other pet lovers to try the food.

Creativity can also be incorporated organically as part of the programming.  Imagine sitting in traffic and hearing the traffic update telling you to stay away from the area you are currently stuck in and hearing about how massages can help to melt away the stress placed on your body from daily commuting, so call/go online to book an appointment at a particular spa.  Perhaps you’re getting ready to hit the road and the weather update warns you of stormy weather and the importance of good wipers on days like this – it’s a perfect ad opportunity for an auto aftermarket retailer or even an auto dealership service center.

Then there are the comical and fun opportunities, along with those related to social and community-oriented events.  June wedding season is quickly approaching and brides want the best for their wedding and are willing to do anything.  One jewelry retailer had brides and grooms-to-be complete a city-wide scavenger hunt in order to win custom-made wedding bands.  How often do we hear about neighborhood “heroes” who have helped others but have hit a bump in the road themselves?  Local businesses can create opportunities with radio stations to recognize and help these unsung “heroes.”

Radio allows for creativity in so many ways that are extremely unique to the medium.  On the radio:

  • Advertisers can create content that becomes part of the programming
  • Radio station personalities can speak to the experience they have had with brands
  • Dinosaurs can come to life
  • You can hit granny with a frying pan

Radio does all this and more.


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