Holidays Start with Radio

Thanksgiving’s arrival marks the start of the holiday season and the sounds of holiday music can be heard on the streets, at retail and on the radio, and that’s in part because holiday music is known to improve one’s mental spirits.  Whether it be the positive memories that arise from hearing many of the classic songs or the simple spirit of the season, holiday music gets us in the celebratory mood.

Approximately 240 AM/FM radio stations across the country flip formats to all-holiday music immediately after Thanksgiving. Some start even earlier and the impact of holiday music listening has numerous positive effects of holiday shopping.

Studies have shown that holiday shoppers will spend more money when they hear holiday music that they like and puts them in a more festive mood.  Since radio is the medium closest to the moment of purchase, holiday songs heard just moments before (at home, in-car, on the way to and from work) can have the same positive effect.

The number of people listening to radio is at a high of 249.1 million people ages 12 and older.  While there may be generational differences in music preferences, when it comes to holiday music age doesn’t matter.  Holiday songs appeal to listeners of all ages and generations — from Gen Z to Millennials to Gen X, Boomers and older – holiday music is tuned in to by all.  Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that 75% of gift shoppers say it’s a tradition for them and their families to listen to holiday-themed music during the holiday season, according to a recent survey.

These “flips” create the perfect opportunity for advertisers to reach listeners of all ages regardless of the station’s format prior to the flip.  Since radio listeners are loyal, an advertiser can take the opportunity to tap into stations that they may not have normally considered in order to extend their reach.  In fact, according to Q3 2017 Our Media survey, released by Katz Radio Group, two-thirds of gift shoppers (65%) enjoy it when their local radio stations start playing holiday-themed music.

In addition to the flips, radio stations across the country also take this time to focus on their community.  Radio station events ranging from food, clothing and pet shelter donations to writing and dedicating songs to events honoring soldiers and veterans — and sometimes even Santa look-a-like contests — occur.

It is during these events that many advertisers will donate and contribute to some of these radio station causes.  These advertisers understand the role that radio stations play within the communities – not just during the holidays but 365 days a year as noted during so many of the recent natural disasters this past year.  Participating in these radio station charitably-directed events can provide opportunities for advertisers of all sizes to take part in and engage with listeners and potential customers.  They can help generate traffic and awareness along with sampling opportunities in a unique, positive and meaningful environment.

While Thanksgiving was just last week, the holidays are right around the corner.  So turn up your radio volume and listen to the holiday songs – because successful holidays start with radio.


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